Why Result Hub?

With sudden growth in competition in school and colleges choosing the right path for the student in their career is becoming more crucial & important. Having good academic records is must nowadays.
And this is exactly what we’re doing & dedicated into.

According to our study & analysis in India’s education system, this is what we came to conclusion that in an average class 20% student is able to secure more than 80% marks and have good academic result so for them having a good career in their life is a piece of cake. Since every coin has two sides, what about rest 80% of students in the class. What about them?
Are they not paying attention in the class?
Do they not want to secure top ranks?
Are they not interested in study? etc so many questions arise but we all deeply knew that every student wants to be on top for a successful & happy life.
keeping this in mind, here at result hub we will pay attention to individual child’s growth and help them in building their career.

Below are some mentioned points justifying the problems & issues faced by those 80% of the student in every class:

  1. Equal attention is not paid to every student.

In a class there is different types of student some are extroverts, introverts, ambivert. So due to this scenario some student creates communication gap with the teacher and this results into not asking their questions and slightest doubts. So due to their hesitation they’re not able to rectify their problems.

  1. Teachers have unrelatable workloads.

Since teacher’s job is to only teach the students but this is exactly not happening in the schools. They are flooded with extra official work with extreme deadlines so due to this they are not able to teach students with their full capacity.

  1. Not every student is able to express their thought process.

Some student fails to express themselves during or after the class so due to this they are not able to ask their doubts from teachers and parents. And this not expressing themselves in front of teachers and parents they always remain confused and distracted from their goals.

  1. Parents are busy too.

Several cases in which both the parents of a students are working in that scenario parents are themselves busy in their them that are not able to give proper guidance for their ward & their performance so the wards don’t give full attention to their academics.

  1. Students Don’t like academies language.

The course and lectures are written and taught in high academies language by which teachers show their capability of knowledge in front of students in a manner to show their superiority among students. In general teachers don’t care about the students that are they understanding them or not so due to this the whole lecture become monotonous & dreary.

  1. Comparison of students by teachers and parents.

First of all, we have to understand this that everyone here on this planet is intricately different from each other. So, comparing the potential of one student from other is of no use. Even then if someone is doing then that is of no use. Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Comparison is good but not every is necessary.

There are some more points that goes with the above list but we are not here to discuss about the problem faced by the students, we’re here to solve those issues at our institution. So what things basically distinguish our institute from many is our inimitable approach.

Below are some points mentioned through which we’re exerting to provide quality education

Our Approach:

  1. Result Hub Tests
  • First Sunday
  • Second Sunday
  • Third Sunday
  • Fourth Sunday – Parents Teaching Meeting
  1. Result Hub Study Material
  • Chapter Wise Booklets.
  • Assignment Sheets.
  • Revision Sheets.
  1. Revision Classes
  • After course completion revision of whole syllabus with previous Year question papers
  1. Doubt Removal Session
  • We will provide individual doubt removal classes so that the students could break his/her hesitation which he/she may be having during the class room session. In this manner his/her doubt could be easily solved.
  1. Pre-Half Yearly & Annual Examination
  • We will take students test based on the syllabus of their half yearly and annual exam so that he/she could get an idea of what type of question he/she has to face during real half yearly exam and annual examinations.
  1. Individual Counselling of Students
  • We are going to provide counselling sessions for students either individually or in a group so that they could tell their problems and we would be able understand their issues and resolve them in best manner possible.
  1. Test’s Marks Acknowledge Via SMS
  • Whenever there is a test held in our institute, or test result or any other academic related information will be sent through SMS to parents so that they can keep an eye on student’s performance.
  1. Extra Classes for Fragile Students
  • Whenever there is a need of extra classes on any topic we would arrange it so that the topic should be crystal clear in the mind of our students.
  1. Absentee Acknowledgement Via SMS
  • Sometime it may happen that students tell their parents that they are going to coaching but they bunk their classes to avail some other enjoyment so this should not happen we will keep their attendance records on a daily basis and send information to parents in case students is not coming to institute without a valid reason.
  1. Teaching by Accomplishment and Experienced Faculty.
  • At result hub we have experienced faculty those who know nuts and bolt of education system and are highly accomplished in their individual subject and more importantly they know how to grow student’s interest in the subject so they make studies interesting. One who knows many things is not a good teacher but one who know how to impart knowledge in right way is best teacher.
  1. Guest Lectures by Prominent Faculties.
  • For classes IX to XII. In certain period of times during the academic session we will be arranging some highly valuable lectures from prominent faculties of higher-level classes so that student would be able to know the scope which he can access and know where his/her interest lies.
  1. Morale Boost Activities.
  • We will arrange activities in which we are focusing on interpersonal skills of students. Motivates them to do a lot more than their potential.
  1. Rewards for Improved Students
  • We will facilitate those students who have shown improvement in their academics.
  1. Performance Analysis of Students.
  • We will generate a performance analysis report based on their weekly tests and homework assignment given to them by teachers. Based on this performance analysis report we will be able to know the areas on which students has to put more efforts. Also, this performance analysis report is also shown to respective parents.
  1. Parents Teachers Meeting
    • On every last Sunday of the month we will conduct parents’ teachers meeting to discuss the overall growth of the students and showcase of marks to parents so that they can see their child overall improvements and get to know about their child.

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